Whether you make Hollywood Blockbusters or personal social media videos I’d be honoured to be a part of your soundtrack. I’m happy to license you any/all of my music for free at this point in my career simply in exchange for exposure.

If you need any of these songs in a censored format without profanity please e-mail mgmt@jonjames.com and we’ll be happy to provide them. Also if you need another format other then mp3 hit us up and we can get that over to you as well.

Good luck with your creative masterpieces!

Questions / Collaborations: 310 978 7427

Please credit songs and use your best efforts to link any social platforms (see below). Also if you can please link the jonjames.com website. Thanks!

Send your edits I will be sharing some of my favorites on my social platforms. ~Bless


Insta: @jonjames